The Cobet Project

Bringing you safe and secure software since 2017.


We at The Cobet Project are here to bring you the best of the best when it comes to security software
We have ANSA, "[A] [N]etwork [S]ecurity [A]nalyzer". ANSA looks at your incoming and outgoing connections and
tells you who is connected to you. You can block them, create reports, and more.
Currently only avalable for Windows, but Linux is in the works! Download Windows version HERE.

As of 8/13/2019, a new version is available: Ansa Red.
Ansa Red (short for Redesign) is a new, improved version of Ansa.
Ansa Red can be downloaded for Windows only at this time.
Download it here.


Our second piece of software is XASE, the "[X]tremely [A]nonymous [S]ecure [E]ncrypted"
browser. XASE hides your IP and makes you totally anonymous without the
hassle of configuration. Currently only available for Windows.
Download HERE. (XASE is currently not available. Please be patient.)


Finally, our newest development, FRISP. "[Fr]ee [I]nternet [S]ocial [P]latform".
FRISP, is a totally anonymous, protected, and uncensored media platform.
The user can opt to block out posts containing potentially harmful material.
However, The Cobet Project will not censor any user from posting (within legal limit).
Currently in development for Windows and Linux!
Join the Discord for beta opportunities, and
download a proof of concept build for Windows here.


Founder, Lead Programmer

"I believe that the Internet should be a free and open place.
I founded The Cobet Project starting with Ansa; things grew from there.
I'm happy that my team and I are putting out these amazing tools to help
decensor and anonymize the Internet."


Co-Founder, Lead Linux Programmer, Design Lead

"When I joined The Cobet Project, I started with XASE.
Since then I've been alongside The Cobet Project.
The Internet deserves to be an open, free place."


Assistant Director of Public Relations

"I think that The Cobet Project's ability to give people
peace of mind on the Internet is astounding."


Director of Public Relations

"I really like working with all these people within the project.
It really makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something, you know?"


textmate/Ymir - Sr. Public Relations
Templeton/Conner - Contribution/donations from the very beginning.
TheJester10276/Jesse - The first ever beta tester for noodles 7 years ago, at the beginning of his career.
Coda - The first ever non-involved beta tester for The Cobet Project a year ago.
Anomaly - For making the big laugh XD

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